If you look at all the websites A.D.O. Digital has designed, one thing that is for certain, they all have a sign-up form to join the website owner’s email address. It’s part of the profitable website strategy.

What makes that sign-up form more powerful is when it’s accompanied by a magnetic lead magnet (also called a free offer or bait offer), which is a free product of value that you offer your target audience in exchange for their email address.

A Lead Magnet is a necessary part of a profitable sales funnel. Creating a laser targeted lead magnet is a powerful part of your sales funnel.

Recently, I sent a online business questionnaire to assess where you are and how well you are utilizing the key elements of running a profitable business using modern technology.

I gave you an opportunity to share where you’re stuck in launching, promoting and profiting from your your business online. The best way to address those issues was to simply answer them. I’m going to start with the “stuck zones” I find most business owners struggle with.

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Hi! This is Kamilah Beltran, Founder of adodigital.com and the Creator of Launch Online Like a Pro.

I am in front of the camera today because just recently I sent out a survey because I want to assess where people were running with their businesses online and try to figure out ways that I can help you all out. Well, on the survey I gave you an opportunity to tell me about any area that you were stuck in.

And the responses have been amazing and you guys have given me such great feedback so I thought what was the best way to address all these questions on where people were stuck at, so I’m just going to hop in front of the camera periodically and pick the questions that I think that will really help the masses and answer those questions for you.

So let’s go ahead and get started, I’m going to read the first question and hopefully I can answer this and help this individual out as well as many, many others.

So the question is or the comment where they’re stuck at is, “My business is still a new business, less than one year old, I’m still learning the ins and outs of running an online coaching business and how to market and promote. I’m trying to do all of this on a shoestring budget,” which is very common, “I’m still working on my website, I know my target audience, I know which social media platforms they’re on, I have my brand message. But what I’m having problems with is creating a lead magnet that will be up to the standards of my target audience.”

That is such a great question because your lead magnet in most cases is the entry point of your sales funnel and hopefully a profitable sales funnel if it is strategically and cohesively put together. So I’m going to summarize that question to say, what is the best way to create a lead magnet that is perfect for my target audience?

So the first thing that you have to do is you have to determine what’s the solution that you provide, what is the thing at the end of the sales funnel that you are going to invite people into, what are you going to sell them, what is that solution of your product or your service, because if you don’t start there, it’s really hard to create something free of value that is cohesive and strategic.

So let’s use a personal trainer for example. So if their product or service is that they are going to give you this amazing gym workout with a meal plan for you to lose weight and get in shape and little more healthy lifestyle, then you have to create something that cohesively matches that.

So you want to choose something that is quick and easy to digest, I’ve started to realize that people are not so interested all the time in very long e-books and things of that nature, sometimes people want just the quick and nitty-gritty of how you could help them. So maybe you come up with the best five tools or equipment that you use in the gym to help you out.

Now here is a mistake that you don’t want to make and that mistake is you create something that is not cohesive with the product that you sell.

For example with the fitness trainer, so this fitness trainer is going to give you a gym workout. Now you may be able to create a free offer in exchange for someone’s email address to join your list that is ways that you can workout at home and lose weight and get in shape. Now that is a value, I bet it’s going to be great, I bet it will build your email list and people will be very, very interested in it.

Well the problem is, is that when you get to the stage in your sales funnel where you offer your product or service, if it’s a gym workout then your list is not a list of qualified leads because your leads are interested in home workouts not gym workouts. And the people that are interested in home workouts may not be even interested in joining the gym or going in a gym and working out.

So I hope that makes sense of how to think about your product and service and your target audience and what your audience is interested in that your products and services will best serve.

So another example would be maybe a life coach, a life coach that helps women live a stress free life. So she could create a free offer that teaches women how to have more date nights with your boo. So yeah that creates a stress free life being able to get out more with your significant other or maybe an offer of how to spend more time with your family, that’s awesome but that really doesn’t tie in cohesively and strategically of your service that you offer on how to live a stress free life. Yes, maybe your target audience, it could be women and moms and wives that this product may be able to help. But once you get to the end of your sales funnel people that are interested in date nights, may not be qualified for that list.

So maybe living a stress free life may have something to do with how to get more hours in your day, how to be better organized, a free offer that caters to something like that. So when you do get to the end of your sales funnel, you know that if someone was interested in your free offer, they should be the same exact people who are interested in your offer that you have for sale.

So I hope that that helps you in creating the perfect lead magnet for your target audience.

I look forward to answering more of your questions and have a fabulous blessed day.