The million dollar question for most entrepreneurs is, “How do I get consistent customers and sales?”

The purpose of a business is to turn a profit and if there are no customers and sales, then there is no business.

There are five key ingredients that make up the formula for ongoing customers and sales.

Watch the video to learn the must-have five components. If you’re ever having trouble with consistent sales, revisit this list and make sure you have all five and if all five are in place then start troubleshooting and problem-solving which component is failing.

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Hi! This is Kamilah Beltran, Founder of and Creator of Launch Online Like a Pro.

So I have been getting this question over and over again, “How do I get ongoing customers and sales?”

That is the million dollar question for most business owners because without ongoing customers and sales there is no business. And the purpose of a business is to turn a profit.

So there are five components that have to be in place so that you can have ongoing customers and sales. See the problem is, is that a lot of business owners they have this brilliant idea and then they set out to launch that thing, they get their website built, they get on their social media platforms, and there wasn’t a real strategic plan in place. And they didn’t ensure that the proper components were in place so that they could be profitable and get ongoing customers and sales.

So I’ll get right to it, I know you want to know what those five components are.

So number one, you have to have a strong brand. You hear about branding all the time, and it is crucial to your business. When I speak about a strong brand, I’m talking about your visuals and your messaging, the graphics and the images that you use on your website and social media; and your messaging, the words, the phrases, the verbiage that you use, that is attractive to your target audience.

Number two, you have to be targeting. You have to identify what your target audience is because those beautiful visuals and that wonderful messaging that you use, it has to target someone and it has to be the solution to what they need.

Number three, you have to have traffic and traffic is so crucial. As business owners if we launch online businesses, a lot of times we forget kind of the foundation of a business. Like even if we had a storefront, you want that foot traffic in your store, the same way you want that traffic online.

So there are two types of traffic, there’s paid-for traffic and there’s free traffic. Free traffic is when you post things maybe on your social media, on forums. And those are really great, and I’ve pulled in customers that way. But when you want to, you know, put on your CEO hat, you have to go after that paid-for traffic. And that’s why people are going crazy on Facebook ads because you shouldn’t even have a traffic problem at all because you can pay for it.

So one, you’ve got your strong brand; two, you have your targeting; three, you have your traffic.

Number four, you have to have follow-up. You have to have your follow-up strategy. After you have that traffic and you drive people to join your email list or land on your website or share your content, what is that follow-up strategy on how are you going to build relationship with those leads, how are you going to nurture them and position yourself to be the solution to what they need?

So one, your strong brand; two, your targeting; three, your trafficking; four, your follow-up strategy; and last but not least, you have to have your offering your pitch. And if you are having a problem in this area that means that your offering your pitch is not a value to the people that you are targeting.

So again just a quick rundown; one, you have to your strong brand; two, you have to have your targeting; three, you have to your traffic; four, you have to have your follow-up; five, you have to your pitch and your offer.

So because I’m your tech-girl, I’ve got to tell you the technology that you have to have in place to make sure that all these components operate efficiently. You have to your social media platforms that you are on and those are the ones that your target audience lives on so you want to have a presence on them all but you just want dominate on one or two.

And then you have to your website, your landing pages, your sales pages. And a great tool to use for your landing pages and sales pages is lead pages.

And you can go to to sign up and it’s only $37 a month to get started.

And then last but not least, you got to have your email marketing service like a MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber or Infusionsoft.

So that is the quick rundown on how you get ongoing sales and customers. And if you are having any issues getting those, just rundown on that last and troubleshoot and problem solve where you maybe failing somewhere in that mix because if you’ve got those five components in place and you crack the code, you are doing efficiently, you should be getting your ongoing sales and customers.

I hope that helps someone out there. And you have a fabulous blessed day.