5 Things to Know Before You Launch Your Business Website

There are important things to know before you launch your new website. Launching your website and starting your online business for the first time is like starting a new relationship. There should be some clear expectations established before moving forward. Even though it’s an exciting time, you know there’s going to be some ups and [...]

How to Effectively Communicate Your Website Vision to Your Web Designer

Recently I met with a local restaurant that has gained plenty of buzz, but didn't have a website. Thankfully you can find them on Google and they have amazing online reviews. But they've been around for awhile and old marketing strategies used to work for them. They know they are missing a ton of business [...]

7 Steps to a Magnetic Business Marketing System

[responsive][/responsive] Business systems are not sexy, but they make money. They are necessary for the success of your business. They are necessary to bring structure to the chaos. They are necessary to make your life easier. Whether you own a small business, are a solopreneur, or a leader of a non-profit, without an magnetic business [...]