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5 Ingredients For Ongoing Customers and Sales [Video]

The million dollar question for most entrepreneurs is, "How do I get consistent customers and sales?" The purpose of a business is to turn a profit and if there are no customers and sales, then there is no business. There are five key ingredients that make up the formula for ongoing customers and sales. Watch the video to learn the must-have five components. If you're ever having trouble with consistent sales, revisit this list and make sure you have all five and if all five are in place then start troubleshooting and problem-solving which component is failing. If you'd like [...]

How to Create the Perfect Lead Magnet [Video]

If you look at all the websites A.D.O. Digital has designed, one thing that is for certain, they all have a sign-up form to join the website owner's email address. It's part of the profitable website strategy. What makes that sign-up form more powerful is when it's accompanied by a magnetic lead magnet (also called a free offer or bait offer), which is a free product of value that you offer your target audience in exchange for their email address. A Lead Magnet is a necessary part of a profitable sales funnel. Creating a laser targeted lead magnet is a [...]

Online Business Questionnaire

You have this brilliant idea, you start taking all the steps to make it happen and then technology strikes and you find yourself stuck. I created this questionnaire because I want to truly understand where you are in your business and assess how well you know the key elements of running a profitable business using modern technology. I will use your honest feedback to develop content to help you get unstuck and operate a business online successfully. That is my passion and mission. I sincerely thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. [wufoo username="adodigital" formhash="zwiyj7g0qbwq47" autoresize="true" height="1213" [...]

How to Avoid Building a Business You Hate

Building a business is an American dream than can quickly turn into a nightmare. In the very first episode of The Launch Lounge, Jena’ Emily Utley, Holistic Lifestyle Maven shares her personal experience of building a business she hated, turning things around and having a successful business and healthy work/life balance. CONNECT WITH JENA' ONLINE www.JenaEmilyutley.com Instagram.com/TheFitnessJem Youtube.com/TheFitnessJem Facebook.com/TheFitnessJem Twitter.com/TheFitnessJem

3 Ways To Get Results Quick

If you're like me, the following rings true: •    You have "awesome" ideas. •    You want to make them happen. •    You want results as quick as possible. •    You'll do whatever you need to do to make it happen. You may find that when you’re “making it happen” some things work and some things don’t work so well. But ultimately you’re not getting to where you want to be financially. This was me about a year and half ago. What I learned was a successful business is as successful as the system you are relying on. The system for [...]

Don’t Forget How Far You’ve Come [Video]

Every entrepreneur starts out on their journey enthusiastic about their new business venture. You know it's going to have it's ups and down and the road won't be completely easy. However, once you get deep into your journey, after you've made the sacrifices and after you've given so much of yourself, you may find yourself struggling to get to the next phase you've been fighting for. You may be feeling emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually taxed. You may even feel like giving up. When you've carried your dream so far up, the weight definitely does get heavy. Yet the significance [...]

10 Ways to Get People on Your Website

Congratulations for getting your company website up and running. Now all you have to do is get people to come to your website. Not so easy, right? As a business owner you've probably come to discover this is something that can be challenging as a first time website owner; therefore, today I’m going to give you ten ways to get people on your website through various marketing techniques. You don't have to start them all at one time, but come up with a plan to eventually strategically attack them all. Blogging and Guest Blogging Offering other sites in your niche [...]

4 Steps To Starting The Right Business

In case you're anything like me, owning your own business was always a dream even before you realized what kind of business you wanted to start. Many times the hardest thing to do is determine what business you truly want to launch. You may have started a business recently and discovered you weren't really enthusiastic about it. Then again you may have started your business and can't exactly determine how to package your services and products for sell. The extraordinary thing about today's business world is that clients trust individuals more than they trust organizations. If you're especially proficient at [...]

Little Known Ways to Improve Your Business Website

Have you checked the performance of your website lately? Have you put much thought into whether you’ve set your website up for success and you have all the right tools in place to make it happen? If not, it is something that you should consider doing. Let me give you a head start by providing you with some little known ways to improve your business website. Redesign How old is your website? If it’s more than a few years old it’s most likely time for a redesign. Technology advances so quickly and your website may need a complete technology overhaul. [...]

30 Strategies To Make Your Next Online Sale

Hi Friends, I recently asked what were your burning questions about launching, promoting, and profiting from your business website.  I received so many responses, but the common questions were "how do I market my business online" and "how do I get more exposure".  So I sat down and wrote a list of strategies that have worked for me and worked for my clients.  This turned into a 15 page mini eBook, "30 Strategies To Make Your Next Online Sale" that I'm giving away to you for FREE! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FREE Let me know what you think. To [...]

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