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Kamilah Beltran, Cyber Lifepreneur and the Founder and President of A.D.O. Digital helps everyday people use technology to build their businesses and to change their lives. You can find Kamilah on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Pretty Websites Are Trusted The Most

As a web designer, I’ve always known that attractive websites were crucial for business (Read: Your Website IS Your Business). There have been times that I’ve come across a website that had a product or service I might need, but I opted not to purchase anything or do business with them because I just couldn’t [...]

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7 Steps to a Magnetic Business Marketing System

[responsive][/responsive] Business systems are not sexy, but they make money. They are necessary for the success of your business. They are necessary to bring structure to the chaos. They are necessary to make your life easier. Whether you own a small business, are a solopreneur, or a leader of a non-profit, without an magnetic business [...]

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Making Time For Your Business

Most entrepreneurs start their businesses with a dream of living the life they've always dreamed of. That means getting up everyday doing what you love doing and doing it how you want to do it. Then reality hits and you realize that your dream business is a side business, you have to work your 9-to-5, [...]

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How You Lose Business Without an Email Newsletter Signup Form

You Tweet something, you post something on Facebook, or you hand someone your business card with your website listed on it that motivates a person to check out your website. That's a win for you right? So what happens after that? What if they don't buy something, but they may be interested in your product [...]

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5 Tools To Market Your Business Online

When you start a business today you know right out of the gate that you have to get your business online to promote and sell your products or services. Many people think that all they need is a website and to get on social media. Others think they need to be visible on every online [...]

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How to Make Products People Want For Christmas Presents

If you are in business or working on launching your business, your ultimate goal is to sell your product. That product may be something tangible that people take home with them, a service you provide, or they may just be buying YOU as the product. Many times we go into business thinking we have something [...]

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QUIZ: How Productive Are You?

Are you a get-‘er-done kind of gal? Or, do you need a kick in the pants to get moving? And even more important… are you getting the right things done? Take the quiz and find out. As you answer each question, be honest with yourself. Your answers can shed a light on your weak spots, [...]

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5 Steps to Protecting Your Website

Your web site is your virtual business and you have to protect it just like you would protect the merchandise in your brick and mortar store. There are people that enjoy destroying something you worked so hard to create. It really boils my blood, but this is just another example of the evil that exists [...]

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5 Steps to Develop a Content Ladder

Between all the email newsletters, blog articles, Facebook posts and Tweets, they have one thing in common. They are all considered "content". If you are trying to grow your business you know that content is KING. The right kind of information shared at the right frequency will gain your brand the exposure it needs to [...]

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New Site Launch: Konfident McCallister

Just launched Konfident McCallister's brand new website. This client is an amazing tattoo artist and fashion designer. He requested a clean design to showcase artwork. As you can see he is extremely talented. Please visit his website at www.KonfidentMcCallister.com.

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